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  • Kathy Hess Fisher

    Craig loves cars and truly enjoys helping his customers keep their cars in top running order. If you are looking for an honest mechanic you can't go wrong at Smoky Hill Auto Service!

  • Mark Fisher

    Great service - they truly do what they say they will do - on time - every time.

  • Gregg Randolph

    I found smoky hill auto many years ago, and would highly recommend them . A honest mechanic is so hard to find these days. They are great explaining whats going on with my car and their prices are very reasonable and I will continue to recommend them to everyone.

  • Tara Nus

    Smoky Hill auto always takes great care of my car and lets me know all the options I have when it comes to repairs. I drive from Littleton for car maintenance because I know I can trust Smoky Hill Auto.

  • Iliff Commons Hoa

    This is a great shop very reliable and honest place to do business

  • Betty Delaney

    I have been going there for about 5 years after my friend recommended them. They are truly honest about the repair work needed. They never do more than is needed. One time I took the car in because I thought it needed a new cabin air filter and Craig told me that he had replaced it a little while back and that I didn't need a new one yet. Many auto dealers would just put in the $75 filter and not look out for you. Another time I took it in because my brakes were squeaking and I told them I needed new brakes. They looked at the brakes and told me that my front brakes were still good for another 20,000 miles so they only needed to do the back ones. Today I took my car in because the window wipers went haywire and were flapping all over the place and crisscrossing each other. Before looking at it I asked Craig how much he thought it would cost and he said it could be something simple or the whole wiper motor may have to be replaced. Either way, I needed it fixed. They called and said they just readjusted and tightened them and the charge was $27.50. They only do what is necessary and are always honest. I recommend them highly!!

  • Chris Page

    This repair shop is great. I've used their services multiple times over the years. They are honest on the repairs needed and always charge a reasonable price. They also do the the repairs quickly. I recommend them highly.

  • Christine G.

    I found Smoky Hill Auto through Yelp when I moved to Colorado about a year and a half ago. A good mechanic can be hard to find, and I'm happy to say that I haven't had a problem with their service to date. Granted, I haven't required any major repairs to my car. So far, I've had standard oil changes, factory-required maintenance, and tune-ups. I've always dropped off and picked up my car after business hours, which is convenient and straightforward with their key drop box. The customer service has been excellent - the gentleman answering the phone is exceedingly polite and explains what unexpected issues, if any, were found with my car and what needs to be done. He's always kept me updated with a couple of calls over the course of the day that my car is in the shop. Payment over the phone using a credit card is easy and quick. I suppose the true test will come when a more major repair is needed, but for now, I have found their service to be honest and friendly. I'd gladly recommend them based on my experience.

  • Renee S.

    Good place so far, this was my first time. When other auto places were telling me two days, they fixed my window issue in a matter of hours. Standard prices. I will be back when necessary.

  • Mark S.

    Good place to take your car. They knew I was in a hurry and got it done in a couple of hours. They felt like honest guys too. I didn't feel like they were trying to rip me off

  • Matt B.

    Friendly service and they got the job done quickly. I'll be back the next time I need service I can't perform myself.

  • Adam R.

    I had insufficient EGR flow on my Ford Escape. I took it to Smoky Hill Auto based on a couple recommendations I had received. Diagnostics, parts, and labor came to $190 to replace the EGR sensor. Since then I haven't had any issues with the EGR system. So far so good.A friend of mine was traveling in the area and had issues with his car. His regular mechanic back home told him he'd need major engine work. SMA told him that wasn't true and quoted him about half the price of his mechanic. He got it fixed at SMA, and as far as I know it's working fine. Also a friend from work highly recommends them. I'll update the rating as necessary as I plan to use these guys again in the near future.

  • Kirk R.

    Just moved to the area, and had to bring my Escape in at the last minute to have my AC repaired, and didn't have a ride, so had to wait on the premises. They got my car in, got it fixed, and got me out at a very fair price. Definitely recommend these guys, I'll be going back for all my auto service.

  • kris l.

    Good Honest Shop – I would Recommend this shop

  • Guest

    I Have been Going to this shop for years and always been treated fairly. A few times I checked around and they were on the up and up more than I Can Say about some of the other shops in my area so I continue to go there and tell people about them

  • AlexMT

    this place is "the business". Great folks who treat you like a human being and not a commodity, great prices and they fix what needs to be fixed. I was was told I needed new brakes for about $600 at the Brakes Plus. These guys did some tightening of some screws and added $40 to my oil change bill. I have been here 3 times and will definitely go back again.

  • David Gibson

    Good, fair and honest. We've been going here for years. Great service and upfront prices.

  • Tom

    I take my truck in whenever I have a problem bigger than I can handle and always to service is honest and staight foward. Their prices for repairs are on the wall and Craig tells you upfront it may be more depending on the hidden damage and need for new parts.

  • Lucky Liberty

    I had my car towed to Smoky Hill Auto as it was the closest place to my disabled Jeep Liberty - I only spoke with them via the phone they were very helpful getting me in touch with a rental etc - They gave me honest feedback regarding my car and an estimate of the costs for repair - a week later I picked up my vehicle which needed less repair than originally thought - and he was very honest with me and gave me the lower price - Now I really respect his honesty and will highly recommend them to anyone - they were very informative and forth right the whole way! Great Job!

  • Suzie Q

    Honest, reliable, friendly, more than fair pricing.5 star plus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nik

    They put a new motor in my car over the summer and did a great job. They went out of their way to be helpful and up front about everything they did. I feel they are a true honest repai shop and will go there again when repairs are needed on any of they cars.

  • Tired of Whining

    I just got my '97 Suburban serviced at smoky Hill Auto. The price was very reasonable. The service was excellent and very fast. They got back to me quickly with a diagnosis and estimate and the final bill was just what they quoted me. Now my driveway no longer has a constant puddle and my A/C works perfectly. I strongly recommend Smoky Hill Auto.

  • Zypher

    Ive been going to this shop for years and they have always done a good job and treated me honest i know a few of my neighbors have gone there to and they have been happy and continue to use them

  • Suzie in Denver

    Great service. Prices fair. The owner was helpful. Felt like he was out to help me rather then rip me off like those chain stores that try to upsale their services. Good honest business owner./p>


Some Of Our services:

  • Engine Light Diagnostics
  • Ignition & Electronics
  • Fuel Injection
  • Tune Ups
  • Brakes
  • Lube Service
  • Alignments
  • Automatic Transmissions
  • Engine Replacement
  • Shocks & Struts
  • Electrical Systems
  • Starters & Alternators
  • Differentials & Drive Line
  • Engine Repair
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Auto Air Conditioning
  • Manual Transmissions
  • And more!


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